Sports Vision


Seeing beyond 20/20.  Have you ever wanted to improve your batting average?  Lower your golf score?  Improve your save percentage, or just play your favourite sport better.

Sports Vision is the practice of examining and managing the visual needs of a patient. 

It includes: 

  • Providing appropriate correction 

  • Assessment and remediation of functional vision inefficiencies

  • Performance enhancing vision training

One of our main goals in sports vision is to slow the game around you by speeding up your visual processing time.  

  • Vision provides the athlete information about where and when to perform

  • where to go, how to react, things that cannot be trained by lifting weights at the gym.

  • 80% of information we get around us is from the eyes (visual).   

Starting with a vision performance evaluation we then go on to create an individual vision performance enhancing plans focusing on things such as Eye-Hand coordination,

Depth Perception, eye movements, decision making, peripheral vision and eye body awareness.   We have worked with many athletes across many sports from Hockey, baseball, Football, golf to Olympic Skeet Shooting and high jump.  

  • Did you Know?  A major league batter has approximately 400 ms between the release of the pitch and the time the ball arrives at the plate

  • Swing takes approximately 150 ms to complete the batter has approximately 250 ms to

  • process the visual information from the pitch the determine the appropriate response.

  • We focus on improving that visual information processing speed.   


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