Vision And Learning

Vision Problems that Interfere with School:


Vision problems can make it more difficult for children to read, learn, remain on task and succeed in school, it is important for parents to be fully informed about their children’s vision. 


Vision is more than just 20/20 many visiual skills are required to be able to read comfortably and clearly and these include eye tracking, eye teaming and focusing. Over 17 visual skills are required to read and seeing 20/20 is just one of them!  


One in four children lacks one or more of the basic visual skills required to read and that number jumps to 80% for children who are having problems reading.  


These kids often get diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia but there may be a hidden visual problem.  



Vivid Vision Virtual Reality Training

We are very excited to introduce the Vivid Vision Virtual reality vision trainer to our practice.  This high-tech piece of equipment uses virtual reality to help train eye movements as well as help kids and adults who have amblyopia (lazy eye) , strabismus (eye turn), tracking issues and visual perception problems.  

Gone are the days of just having to patch an eye, we can now help train a lazy eye while the patient has a blast playing virtual reality games!  

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